Collecting your Samples

Female STI Kit
Male STI Kit

To use your kit and collect your samples, all you have to do is follow some simple instructions. The instructions are mailed to you as part of your kit and also are available using the links on this page.. Remember, you can always Contact Us if you have questions. We are here to support you.

STI Samples

When your STI kit arrives in the mail it will contain the following items:

  • One, two, or three swabs in plastic tubes, depending on what you order. Each swab will be labeled with the body part on which you will use it (vagina, penis, butt, or throat). The tubes may also be labeled with a bar code and a number but you don’t need to worry about those. Your name will not appear on any of the plastic tubes.
  • A gauze pad if you order a throat swab
  • A biohazard bag you will use when returning your samples
  • Instruction sheets
  • Information sheets
  • A contact form where you will write the date you collect your samples
  • A postage-paid return envelope. Your name or address will not appear anywhere on this envelope.

To collect your samples, just follow the instructions . Be sure to update the contact form with the sample collection date and send it back to us along with your samples. We will let you know via text or email when we have received your samples and again when your test results are ready for viewing.

Instructions for Self Collecting a Vagina Sample

Instructions for Self-Collecting a Vagina Sample

Instructions for Self Collecting a Penis Sample

Instructions for Self-Collecting a Penis Sample

Instructions for Self Collecting a Butt Sample

Instructions for Self-Collecting a Butt (Anal) Sample

Instructions for Self Collecting a Throat Sample

Instructions for Self-Collecting a Throat Sample

STI Incubation Periods

It is important to remember that STIs have “incubation periods” when you may get a negative test result even if you have an infection. This means if you want to know for sure that you have not caught an infection after sex with someone, you should wait long enough before collecting your samples so the incubation period is over. Here are the incubation periods for some common STIs:

STIIncubation Period
7-21 days
1-14 days
7-28 days
2-3 weeks
HIV2-6 weeks
Hepatitis B8-22 weeks
Hepatitis C2-26 weeks

Using the OraQuick In-Home Oral HIV Test

Step-by-step instructions for the OraQuick test are included with the test kit along with all of the supplies you need. The test will give you a result in about 20 minutes. Read more about OraQuick; View a How-To Take the Test video.

You will not report your test results back to anyone at IWTK. If your OraQuick result is positive, please visit your healthcare provider or a clinic for a confirmatory test.