About Us

IWTK was started in 2004 at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as part of a laboratory that specializes in sexually transmitted infections (STI) research. We are still here today 20 years later! We have performed thousands of STI tests for our site users over the years. At the start, our kits were only available for Maryland residents. In 2011, we began providing kits to residents of Alaska. In 2020, we began sending HIV in-home test kits to IWTK site users who live in Baltimore City. We hope to continue expanding the testing and services we offer.

Our laboratory is licensed by the State of Maryland and certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Our Mission

To decrease the transmission and burden of STIs through free, convenient, confidential, and accurate testing and to educate our users about STI prevention

Our Vision

A world without STIs

Our Values

Respect – We respect every individual. We do not judge or want anyone to feel stigmatized.

Reliability – We use FDA approved tests. You can feel confident that your test results are accurate.

Trust – We know you are sharing confidential information with us. You can trust us to protect it. Our website is located on a Johns Hopkins University HIPAA compliant server. All IWTK staff have signed confidentiality agreements.

Our Partners

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